Real Estate

If you're looking to sale a home, commercial building or even land, we can help. Furniture and decorations will not be provided by Otaku Photography.


The first thing people look at when they see you is your face (obviously). So why not look your best in a photo? Or maybe you want to pretty up your social media avatar, we can do that too.


Not everything can be Photographed from the ground and Google Earth isn't the best quality, so why not rely on an FAA licensed drone pilot?


Sprint car, American football, real football(soccer), track and field, etc... Sports are often hard to Photograph without the right equipment and skills. Don't risk a blurry shot, hire a pro.


Big companies and small companies all require exposure to grow and images play a big role in that. Events, candid shots of hard working employees and special meetings should always be captured through a camera lens, not a smartphone.

Print/Broadcast Media

An increasing number of professors, professionals and students in Journalism are finding the career in general to be stale. We can bring life back to it, even if that means going place nobody wants to go.


Hero's Package

  • LEO: Bring badge, employee ID or be in uniform at the time of contract signing. FORMER LEO only needs proof of prior service.
  • MILITARY: At least one combat metal required w/ service ID.
  • Firefighters: Employee ID card or other evidence required

50% OFF

2A Supporters

  • Gun club,, NRA or other gun support membership ID/card required at contract signing.
  • CCW Permit qualifies for a 15% discount

25% OFF

Anime Otaku

  • Anime con membership or access pass or link to MyAnimeList account required at contract signing.

15% OFF

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